Speed is integral to the successful performance of individual and teams in most sports. Having an understanding on how to train to develop this quality is hugely desirable in the strength & conditioning world. The ability to move heavy load quickly has a huge carry over into many aspects of someone’s day to day life.

What is Strength Speed?

Strength Speed is the ability of the neuromuscular system to produce the greatest possible impulse in the shortest possible time. In essence it is when load is moved quickly.

Sprinters often use this type of training to perform accelerated actions. These types of exercises have a higher degree of muscle activation, concentric (muscle shortening) velocity, force and power.

Movements within this type of training are technically more demanding so it’s critical you can perform them correctly to avoid injury. Coaches & personal trainers are a great investment when it comes to periodisation and exercise prescription.

Exercise examples of strength-speed;

  • Power Clean

  • Snatch

  • Squat Jump

  • Med Ball Toss

  • Box Jump

  • Standing Long Jump

  • Bounding

How to train for Strength Speed

To train strength speed there is a minimum strength requirement. Individuals should have substantial amounts of weight training experience before adopting strength speed training.

I hope you enjoyed this final blog entry of our periodisation series.

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