Olivia Freeman founder of Injury Recovery Centre


Here at Injury Recovery Centre, we provide injury assessments, sports massage, rehabilitation and end-stage exercise programming. We aim to undertake a comprehensive initial assessment consisting of a subjective history, allowing a real understanding of what the client is experiencing. After addressing goals and desired outcomes an objective and functional assessment will take place. Necessary treatment and education will be implemented to start the journey of recovery as well as rehabilitation created and prescribed on an individual basis. 


Once the initial assessment has been completed a follow-up session will be advised to continue treating the injury and progressing exercises where necessary. Follow up sessions can be in the form of 30 minute or 60 minute sessions. 

Sports massage is hugely popular, not just in athletes, but also in members of the public. Here at Injury Recover Centre we offer 30 minute of 60 minute sports massage for those clients who need a helping hand in pre/post exercise recovery or reliving tension from life stresses.



– 30 minute Sports Therapy Follow Up

– 60 minute Sports Therapy Follow Up

– 30 minute Sports Massage

– 60 minute Sports Massage

- Initial Sports Therapy Consultation

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Initial Consultation - £45

30 minute Follow Up - £30                         30 minute Sports Massage - £30

60 minute Follow Up - £45                         60 minute Sports Massage - £45

Cash or bank transfer are accepted.