I believe that movement and strength is the BEST MEDICINE in combating injuries and is hugely beneficial at optimising life and sporting performance. EDUCATION IS KEY! If I can explain and educate a client as to the why’s and how’s, it allows for a team unit between myself and them to be formed, resulting in the best possible outcome! 

Olivia Freeman Founder and Director at Injury Recovery Centre

BSc Sports Therapy (Hons) MSST

MSc Strength and Conditioning


My name is Olivia Freeman and I am the Founder and Director of Injury Recovery Centre.

My childhood was very sporty with me taking a particular interest in horse riding. As expected, a dangerous sport like that, opened the doors to many injuries and that is what started my desire to be a Sports Therapist.

I studied Sports Therapy BSc at Coventry University and after 3 years of hard work I achieved a first class degree with honours! During that time I was able to work across many sporting fields and treat a variety of people such as rugby players, football players, rowers and marathon runners. In addition, I worked in the University Clinic treating members of the public. Following this I knew I wanted to further my education, so I applied and completed a Strength and Conditioning MSc. This really allowed me to better my rehabilitation prescription and gain further understanding on exercise programming.

On completing both degrees I worked at a Clinic treating many different people. Encountering so many people and varying injuries enabled me to learn a huge amount about relationship building, empathy and client care as well as the daily runnings of a Sports Therapy Clinic. It is this skillset that I take with me whilst establishing Injury Recovery Centre!

Using my knowledge and skills but in an Equine setting is something I have always dreamed about. I have had been riding horses for 18 years and owned horses for over 12 years. As my knowledge developed at University I was really interested in how I could carry this over onto horses. I am currently in the process of attaining my Equine Sports and Rehabilitation Therapy Qualification. It is with this that I will become a registered Equine Sports Therapist with the IAAMB. Bella, my horse has been a great model throughout my learning and I cannot wait for IRC to help both humans and horses!