Restoration of strength is arguably the most vital aspect of a rehabilitation plan and is a major part of strength & conditioning programmes. Strength is the foundation from which all other physical qualities of performance are developed. Without sufficient strength development, other capacities cannot be optimised.

Strength training progresses from a low intensity to a high intensity across the entire macrocycle (read back to previous blog for more information here). Plans tend to follow forms of starting with high repetitions of lighter resistance to low repetitions of higher resistance.

Strength training periodisation mistakes to avoid!

There are 3 common mistakes when it comes to strength periodisation, listed below are the things you should NOT do;

  1. Sticking to the same exercises and the same weights over long periods of time encourages plateauing, boredom, and insanity all in one!

  2. Lifting too much weight without sufficient recovery and too early into the season can lead to injury.

  3. Creating confusion and lifting for endurance rather than strength (sit tight for the next blog!)

I hope you enjoyed this blog entry of our periodisation series. Our next edition will be strength-endurance. Sit tight for this, it’s going to be a good one!

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