I am pleased to announce that I have officially completed my Equine Sports & Rehabilitation Therapy Course.

COVID certainly made this tricky for me, with restrictions on travel and the course being based in Lincolnshire and with a large proportion of the course being group practical work. Nonetheless, I did it! And I couldn't be happier!

My Human Sports Therapy Clinic is booming at the moment- again something I never expected but couldn’t be more thankful for. So, for the short meantime I’ll be treating Bella to some lovely soft tissue work, as well as friends & family’s horses.

Once settled I’ll begin to work out what best suits my diary with regards to finding a lovely balance between Human and Horse clients! I hope to create a good routine for both aspects of my business and encourage variation within my week!

Does anyone have any suggestions on what they might think would work in this situation? Do I allocate a day a week to just horses, or do I just go with the flow allowing for a mixture within one day? All I know is I’m not going to put too much pressure on myself. I wanted this qualification ever since I started my Sports Therapy Degree in 2014 so to now be able to say I am a Musculoskeletal Professional for both Humans and Horses makes me very happy!

Thank you to all those who were with me on this journey- I had a blast!

Now onto the next challenge…


BSc Hons Sports Therapy MSST

MSc Strength and Conditioning

Equine Sports Massage & Rehabilitation Therapist






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