Foam rolling the hip flexors may not be something you have previously thought about but suffering from tight or sore hip flexors could lead to disaster for your workouts and training. The hip flexors are a group of muscles located near the top of the thighs, they are involved in lifting the knees and bending the waist meaning they can easily be put under stress, especially in runners.

Hip flexor injuries can be caused by a jolted movement, alternatively if you spend a lot of time sitting at a desk/in the car your hip flexors can become tight due to the position you are in. They can hinder your mobility adn range of motions at the hip and foam rolling can ease the tightness and pain felt in this area.

Foam Roller Rules

  • Move foam roller slowly over the desired muscle

  • When you find a tender spot, work the area a bit longer

  • Try to move with your breath, the rhythm is relaxing

  • Don’t foam roll-over injuries or broken skin

  • If the pain is severe stop; foam rolling can hurt a little but should not hurt a lot

How to Foam Roll Hip Flexors

  1. Lay face down on a mat and place your foam roller underneath your right hip.

  2. Bend your left leg to the side with the knee bent at 90 degrees.

  3. Place your elbows on the mat in front of you to support your body weight.

  4. Extend your right leg out straight behind you with your toes pointed.

  5. Gently apply pressure and roll back and forth.

  6. Hold the pressure when a trigger point is felt.

  7. Repeat on the opposite hip


What you might find productive is foam rolling your hip flexors when foam rolling your Quadriceps or IT Band. You could create a little routine of foam rolling that area whereby you cover the Quadriceps, IT Band and Hip Flexors as the positions you need to be in are similar. You can find out how to foam roll the Quadriceps and IT Band in pervious blogs that have been released. Head over to the IRC website, click on the 'Blog' tab and engross yourself in all of the tips & advice.

When do I know that my Hip Flexors need foam rolling?

If pain is felt in the hips or lower back, especially if you are notorious to prolonged sitting, foam rolling the hip flexors can reduce these symptoms. Deep hip pain felt in the front of the hip can be coming from tight hip flexors so if this is felt foam rolling can really benefit the area.

I hope you find this blog useful & helpful. I’m really enjoying writing this series of blogs and hope they are easy to read, and you can take some beneficial information from them all.

Take care and have a lovely weekend,


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