• The first Team GB appearance was in the Athens Summer Olympics in 1896. They were one of 14 teams to compete in these games. Team GB have competed in every Summer Games since 1896.

  • Great Britain are 1 of 5 countries to have taken part in ALL the Summer Olympic Games (the others being Greece, France, Switzerland and Australia).

  • Team GB are the only team to of won at least ONE gold medal at every Summer Games.

  • Our best Olympics was in 1908 (LONDON) whereby we won a staggering 56 gold medals!

  • Except 1952 and 1996, Team GB has always ranked within the top 13 teams at the summer Olympics.

  • London has hosted the Olympics on 3 separate occasions; 1908, 1948 and 2012. Attendance has certainly increase over the years with there being 22, 59 and 204 nations who participated at these games, respectively.

As of 2012, London became the first city to host the Olympic three times.

  • To date (excluding Tokyo 2020) Team GB have won;

  1. 273 gold

  2. 309 silver

  3. 300 bronze

  4. 882 in total

  • On average our top sports are athletics, cycling, rowing, swimming and sailing winning a total of 204, 91, 70, 83 and 57 medals, respectively.

  • In Beijing 2008, Tom Daley became the youngest British male athlete to participate being just 14 years and 80 days old.

  • And last… but not least… Lorna Johnstone was 70 years and 5 days old when she rode her horse in the 1972 Olympic games, making her the oldest British woman to every compete in a summer games! (I had to throw a horsey fact in there somewhere!)

This was a super chilled, yet relevant blog this week- I hope you enjoyed. Has Tokyo 2020 given you motivation to try a new sport? If so, what are you interested in getting stuck into?

Stay tuned for the next blog upload... Until then, Liv x

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*Facts were documented early August 2021. With Tokyo 2020 in full swing, stats may now differ*

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