Stress is a normal human reaction that happens to everyone. The human body is designed to experience stress and react to it. Stress responses help your body adjust to new situations and it is very common, can be motivating to help us achieve things in our daily life and can help us meet the demands of home, work and family life.

What happens to the body during stress?

The body’s autonomic nervous system controls your heart rate, breathing, vision changes and more. It’s built-in stress response, the fight-or-flight response, helps the body face stressful situations. The body reacts to feeling threatened or under pressure releasing stress hormones such as, adrenaline and cortisol. This arouses the body whereby a physical and mental response is created.

Common Signs of Stress

  • Aches and pains

  • Chest pain or racing heart

  • Exhaustion

  • Disturbed sleep

  • Headaches

  • Dizziness

  • High blood pressure

  • Muscle tension

  • Digestive issues

  • Weak immune system

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Panic attacks

  • Sadness

Strategies for stress relief

It’s very very hard to avoid stress, but we can work to stop yourself becoming overwhelmed. Exercising when you feel the symptoms of stress coming on can instantly help boost your mood. At the end of each day take a moment to think of all that you’ve accomplished; self-achievement has a lot to say for moral! Set goals or a 'to do list' for the day, week, and month. Narrowing down the view will help you feel in control of all aspects of your life.

We live in a world where everything is moving at 100mph and somethings maybe going really great and others not so much and that’s okay. We can’t control external pressures or situations, but we can certainly control how we respond to them. You get to choose how you let something effect you and there isn’t a right or wrong way, for we are all different. Despite this, support and help of those around us can help get us through those tricky times.

Thank you for taking the time to read this week’s blog, I have no doubt that many of you were able to relate to this top. I hope this helps you when you are next faced with that stressful situation!

All the best


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