Now, with Cambridge Half Marathon this weekend, and many of my clients participating for fun, to achieve self-set goals or to raise money for chosen charities, I thought it would be super handy for this week’s blog to entail some ‘pre-race prep’ ideas that you may like to try before setting off on Sunday.

No matter your level or ability these tips are sure to make race day that little more managable and enjoyable. I’ve collected these pointers through my own routines, those that elite clients swear by and what science suggests! So, I hope you find them useful!

Pre- Race Prep Pointers

  • Significantly hydrate your body at least 24hrs prior to your start time

  • Choose a dinner that provides a lot of carbohydrates for slow releasing fuel the next day

  • Wear the same shoes that you have been training in/have worn in

  • Try and dress according to the weather and if it’s raining ensure you have a spare set of clothes for after

  • Eat your usual breakfast

  • Eat no later than an hour before the start time

  • Get there early!

  • If you’re covering a substantial distance, have a hydration & fuelling plan that supports this

  • Utilise water stations when available, there’s no reward for those who don’t take on fluids and if it means you’ll finish the race- DO IT!

  • Have a plan of how you’re going to complete your race (start fast and then settle to a nice speed etc)

  • Use other competitors as motivation, accountability and as a supporting network

  • Have little achievements in your mind around the course (this can be landmarks eg: when I get to this college, I’ve only got 5km left etc)

  • Try and remain relaxed & ENJOY yourself!

Best of luck to all those running Cambridge Half Marathon, whether that’s friends, family and clients! Equally, other sporting events that are being held this weekend will be relatable to this blog so feel free to have a good read!

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