What fabulous weather we’re having here in the UK at the moment, and word on the street is that, hopefully, it continues for many more weeks to come.

With that said, are you training smart, fuelling well and hydrating to the best of your ability?

Train Smart

  • Bring a cooling towel to any training session. Placing this on your ‘pulse points’ (wrist & neck) can help with cooling down the body’s temperature.

  • Train with a plan, you may need an end goal reward to hold you accountable, maybe a cold smoothie for example. Training with a plan means you won’t over train and risk causing heat stroke.

Fuel Smart

  • Eating little and often is the best way to fuel your body when it’s warm. Heavy meals can be less appealing when it’s hot so taking on smaller portions still allows us to gain energy for exercise & recovery.

Hydrate Smart

  • Sweat has electrolytes like sodium, potassium, and calcium in it. Training in the heat can deplete these stores. An electrolyte rich drink can help replenish these levels and therefore, make you feel much better.

  • It’s recommended that when it is warm, you are to consume 1 litre of water one to two hours before exercise and continue to take on fluids every 15 to 20 minutes during & post exercise.

So remember, while its this hot outside, we have to ensure we are taking care of ourselves and our bodies.

I hope you enjoyed this read,

Take care


BSc Hons Sports Therapy MSST

MSc Strength and Conditioning




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